Hello, my name is Marianna Hollosi.

I am a woman of experiences. The power of my experience will reach you in my words remotely and in my presence. As I stand in my truth, my love heals and transforms you.


I’ve been there. I’ve done that, too. I know how it feels. People tell me they feel understood as if I knew what it feels like being hurt, played with, abused, used. I understand it as I had it all too.

I had best friends who turned out to be my enemies as they just used me for their own benefits without me noticing a thing. I was yearning love so much, I would let them do anything to me.

The same with my family. I was judged and criticised so much that I was willing to give up myself just to belong. They are my family after all and we have to love each other, right?

I gave it all in my workplace too. I wanted to be accepted and seen but all I achieved was losing myself again.

Oh, and the romantic relationships. It took me 14 years to realise I was copying my parents’ marriage. I thought it was love but I know now that wasn’t love. There was attachment, co-dependency, wounds everywhere and I lost myself again. Or did I?


The way we do one thing is the way we do everything.


I didn’t know my worth, so I let people use my power for their own benefit while in most cases destroying me. I was poor, fat and ugly as a child so if we look at the external factors that make someone worthy in this material world, I had nothing valuable so how could I have ever felt worthy?


I had to suffer and experience every single situation in order to realise the same thing was happening in all areas of my life. With that, I became my very own scientist. I looked back and analysed everything from relationships to illnesses in my whole life.


As a teacher, seeing the impact of the parents on their children was eye-opening. Yes, whatever our parents feel, think and do becomes our normal. As a kid, we have no idea how much they operate from their wounded self and their own limitations. As a nanny, my theory I built as a teacher got proved even more. Then, as an energy and emotional therapist I saw the damages in adults. And guess what? They all go back to early childhood. Yes, that is where it all starts and then we build on our wounds. We attract the same thing all over and over again as that is how energy works. Why do you think you attract the same partners every single time? Why do you think we end up with the same friends who always use us? Why do you think you… The question is the same.


The answer is YOU. It is in us and because we never feel safe to face it, we never deal with it or resolve it.


And this is where I come into the picture. When you book me in, I am the cleanest person in the room. I will hold you safe to face your demons, realise what has been happening all your life and you will be able to break those patterns you run, and you can free yourself.

I provide that security, so that you can find that peace you were searching for so long. I have it for myself and it is contagious. Spending time in my close proximity, that safety of mine will piggyback off of you and you will be able to allow yourself that safety. I will hold you secure and you can set yourself free.

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