I’ll keep you safe. I’ll hold you space. I’ll show you that you are accepted, loved the way you are. I’ll make you believe you are worthy of unconditional love. I will accept you with no judgement and in that safety, you’ll be able to believe in yourself and realise that you don’t need anybody’s validation. As long as you have yourself, you are never alone.


If you are someone who pleases people just to be heard, to be seen or feel loved or you are a perfectionist so you can feel good enough within yourself. I can teach you how to say no if saying yes would mean putting others before you and actually harming yourself or doing something that doesn’t serve you.


If you have a big question mark in yourself about your identity or sexual orientation and are confused but it is so personal and private that you cannot even tell your partner, I am here to hold you safe and listen to you, so you can sort out your thoughts and feelings.


I can help women who were sexually abused by their parents, step parents, carers and have a distorted sexuality feeling they have to have sex with anybody sometimes regardless of their sex in order to be loved. That is a misconception of the mind and the heart after a trauma.


I can help men who were exposed to pornography at a very young age and sexually used by a family member resulting in a sexuality that doesn’t know intimacy and real emotional connection. You’ll realise you can be loved in a sexless way; you are worthy even if someone just holds you and loves your true self accepting you the way you are.


You can suffer from PTSD after a situation at work that has gone badly. Even if you did everything right, you were played with, used and ended up with mental and emotional issues. We can talk through the situation and shed light on all of its aspects, making you understand what exactly happened and come up with a plan on how to rebuild your confidence.


It is beautiful to see how people free themselves from their own burdens that were built over the years by past experiences, by others. The people we love and trust the most are the ones who hurt us the most in the name of love. Yes, parents, siblings, romantic partners and work are life’s biggest teachers. Not necessarily in this order and there is one other big rule. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.


I can’t wait to hold you safe, to make you feel as secure as you have never felt before.

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